Quality Policy

At Canixa, we believe quality is the most essential aspect of every activity, thus maintaining assured utmost quality standards at every step; such as Development, Manufacturing, Testing, Storage, Distribution etc. is our priority. To sustain high quality, every system and procedure is operating as per WHO-cGMP compliance guidelines with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Our policies, core requirements, and guidelines are designed to ensure consistent product quality for the utmost customer satisfaction. All our procurements are from equally reputed vendors, who are also complied with similar standards. Periodic quality assessment, fine production, proper analysis, and innovative design are different parameters of our quality maintenance. In addition, ethical production processes with proper licensing and as per legal norms are parts of our standard operating procedures. We hire and maintain the best quality of manpower in form of skilled labour with a high level of efficiency and competency which is the most qualitative asset in our organization by providing required training at regular intervals, thus making Canixa an assured qualitative entity.