Hair Care

Logihair Capsules

Collagen Peptide-175mg, Grape Seed Extract-10mg, Gree Tea Extract-10mg, L-Cystein-10mg, Inositol-10mg, L-Methionine-40mg, Calcium Pantothenate-25mg, Biotin-10mg, Choline Bi Tartrate-10mg, Folic Acid- 400mcg, Niacinamide- 15mg, Zinc Sulphate equivalent to Elemental Zinc- 7.5mg, Copper Sulphate equivalent to elemental Copper- 0.5mg, Ferrous Fumarate equivalent to elemental Iron- 7.5mg, Vit B6- 1.4mg, Vitamin C-15mg, Excipients- qs


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